The SP/CPX Series are fully hydraulic pipelayers which have been converted from either a Cat mechanical pipelayer or a Cat dozer. The mechanical pipelayer requires only a Hydraulic Kit whereas a dozer requires both a Hydraulic Kit and drawworks. This is known as a full Conversion Package. Both the Hydraulic Kit and Conversion Package are also available for purchase as standalone items for you to install on your own machine.
  • Specifications

Hydraulic System Tank
120 liters / 32 U.S.gallons
Variable displacement, load sensing
Maximum flow
286 liters / minute
Control blocks
LUDV type, three balanced spools
Maximum working pressure
320 bar / 4640 p.s.i
Load lowering valves
1-1/4 inch flangeable, pilot assisted
Hydraulically controlled drums (reversible). Driven by variable flow hydraulic pump and control valve block in open circuit
Drum diameter : Hook
390 mm / 15.3 in
Flange diameter : Hook
590 mm / 23.2 in
Drum length : Hook
360 mm / 14.1 in
Capacity (19 mm / 3/4 in) : Hook
136 m / 446 ft
Wire rope installed : Hook
100 m / 329 ft
Hook speed
0-16 m/min / 0-52 ft/min
Drum diameter : Boom
390 mm / 15.3 in
Flange diameter : Boom
530 mm / 20.8 in
Drum length : Boom
360 mm / 14.1 in
Capacity (19 mm / 3/4 in) : Boom
75 m / 247 ft
Wire rope installed : Boom
70 m / 230 ft
Final Drives
Compact hydrostatic drive unit, three-stage planetary gear
Integrated multiple-disk brake, spring applied hydraulic released
5.49 m / 18 ft welded box square section
Diameter wire rope
19 mm / 3/4 in
Minimum breaking strength rope
323 kN / 72,530 lb
Part load line
Part boom line
Removable counterweight leaves - CPX-572/Cat 572G
8 leaves 600 kg / 1,330 lb each
Total weight extendable
6,440 kg / 14,200 lb
Removable counterweight leaves (SP-572)
7 leaves 640 kg / 1,408 lb each
Total weight extendable
6,120 kg / 13,464 lb
  • Main Features


A single joystick allows the operator to control both the load line and the boom simultaneously or separately.

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Anti-Tipping System

It monitors different lifting operations to avoid dangerous tilting and ensures the stability of the machine.

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Free-fall System

When the button is engaged, the load free-falls all the way to the ground.

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Boom Kick-Out System

This system will prevent the boom from excessive upward movement, thus ensuring you will never bend another boom.

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Dual Hardbar

Provides maximum support to the pipelayer by converting to a totally rigid frame.

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Anti-Two Block

The anti-two block sets a minimum distance between the top block and the hook block, preventing the 2 blocks from touching.

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