The SPX-960 is SUPERIOR's pipelayer equivalent to Caterpillar's 594 pipelayer. It has a maximum lifting capacity of 211,200 lbs (96,000 kg) and a tier 3 Caterpillar engine. Like all SUPERIOR pipelayers, it features a hydraulic system which allows to control the load with just one joystick.
  • Specifications

Maximum capacity
2x450 lt/min - 2x119 U.S. gal/min
Service pump
1 tandem gear type
Main pump
Bosch-Rexroth: 4 independent variable pumps
Maximum capacity (service pump)
50 lt/min - 13 U.S. gal/min
Hydraulic controlled drums (reversible). Driven by variable flow hydraulic pump and control valve block in open circuit.
Integrated multiple disk brake, spring applied hydraulic release
Final drive
Compact hydrostatic drive unit, three-stage planetary gear
Drum diameter : Hook
390 mm / 15.3 in
Flange diameter : Hook
590 mm / 23.2 in
Drum length : Hook
360 mm / 14.1 in
Capacity (19 mm / 3/4 in) : Hook
136 m / 446 ft
Wire rope installed : Hook
68 m / 223 ft
Hook speed
0-16 m/min / 0-52 ft/min
Drum diameter : Boom
390 mm / 15.3 in
Flange diameter : Boom
530 mm / 20.8 in
Drum length : Boom
360 mm / 14.1 in
Capacity (19 mm / 3/4 in) : Boom
105 m / 344 ft
Wire rope installed : Boom
51 m / 167 ft
Std. 28 ft / 8.5 m welded box square section; optional 30 ft / 9.1 m welded box square section
Diameter wire rope
19 mm - 3/4 in
Minimum breaking strength rope
323 KN - 72,530 lb
Part load line
Part boom line
Removable counterweight leaves
18 leaves 600 kg - 1,300 lb each
Total weight extendable
13,500 kg - 29,700 lb
Net flywheel power (DIN 6270-SAEJ 1349)
440 HP - 324 kW
Hydrostatic closed circuit
(4) Integrated negative control
Final Drives
Epicycloidal oil soaked
1st gear
Maximum speed 1.7 km/h - 1 miles/h
2nd gear
Maximum speed 2.6 km/h - 1.6 miles/h
3rd gear
Maximum speed 5.3 km/h - 3.3 miles/h
Twin pilot operated
Emergency shut-off
Number of bottom rollers
Number of carrying rollers
Pitch chain
260.35 mm - 10.25 in
Operating voltage
24 V
Maintenance free supplied batteries
220 Ah
55 A
7.5 Kw
Fuel tank
720 liters/190 U.S. gal
Hydraulic circuit
345 liters/91 U.S. gal
Cooling system
65 liters/17.2 U.S. gal
Engine oil
34 liters/9 U.S. gal
Final drive each
12 liters/3.4 U.S. gal
  • Main Features


With only 1 joystick, the operator can operate both winches and increase/decrease the engine's throttle. The machine's travel is controlled with a separate joystick.

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Anti-Tipping System

It monitors different lifting operations to avoid dangerous tilting and ensures the stability of the machine.

Freefall System

When the button is engaged, the load free-falls all the way to the ground.

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Transmission Pilot Levers

There are 2 extra pilot levers for the transmission which can assist the operator in making precise maneuvers, such as turning on a steep hill or making pin-point movements to couple the pipes.

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Boom Kick-Out System

This system will prevent the boom from excessive upward movement, thus ensuring you will never bend another boom.

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LCD Control Panel

The LCD control panel displays relevant information in a beautiful, easy to read, graphical interface. It can also be adjusted for day or night viewing.

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Anti-Two Block

The anti-two block sets a minimum distance between the top block and the hook block, preventing the 2 blocks from touching.

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