SUPERIOR Vacuum Lifts allows one operator to do the job of several by eliminating the need for a slinging crew, thus saving you money in redundant labor and making the job site safer. The SVL-220 is the largest of our vacuum line and has a lifting capacity of 22 tons. The xcavator size for this models is a 45/55 ton.
  • Specifications

Lift capacity
22,000 kg - 48,502 lbs
Power source
A self contained diesel engine with electric start and 100 liter (26 gal) fuel tank.
Control blocks
Can be controlled by machine operator, by direct-connected cable or by remote control.
Fail-safe features
Both types of controllers have many fail-safe features. A visual-audio alarm warns against lifting if vacuum is insufficient.
Double set of lugs to hold any single or double suction pad arrangement. Quick fittings for easy pad change. Only the suction pad must be changed to switch to a different pipe diameter.
Shock stabilizing
Horizontally stabilized.
Fully self contained unit can be hooked up in a matter of seconds. Vacuum source is a rotary vane pump with oil circulation.
Rated power
7.4 Kw - 10 HP
Diesel capacity
17.7 U.S. gal - 67 liters
Vacuum pump capacity
6,180 cu ft - 175 m3/h
Suction pressure
40 mbar
Maximum axial load of rotator
55,000 lbs - 25 metric tons
Maximum torque
840 daNm
Maximum rotation pressure
4,640 p.s.i. - 320 bar
Oil flow volume
8 U.S. gal/min - 30 liters/min
  • Main Features

Flashing Lights

Indicate whether there is an adequate bond between the pipe and the suction pad.

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The manometer is used for vacuum pressure measurement between pipe and suction pad. There's another manometer located in the suction pad.

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Remote Control

Serves to control the operation without the use of a connected electric cable. This control will apply and release the vacuum and as added safety it requires the operator to push two buttons at the same time to release the pipe. As an option, it can also control the rotation of the rotator mechanism.

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Rubber Seals

Designed for less time to suction ratios, and are especially effective in extreme cold and hot temperatures.

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Alarm Sound

Makes loud alarm sound simultaneously with Red Flashing Alarm Light.

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Yoke Attachment

Allows to easily change sizes of excavators by only replacing a bushing.

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