History of the company

The unprecedented growth in the United States following World War II provided a wealth of opportunities for all types of construction-related enterprises. In 1950, in this fast-expanding environment, Joe Greenberg recognized that a new era was beginning - the appearance of heavy off-highway construction equipment. Prior to World War II, this type of equipment was virtually non-existent. He also came to the realization that the best way to become successful in this emerging field was to sell only equipment that he owned, thus avoiding the stigma of brokering, i.e., matching up buyer and seller for a commission. By this method, Joe gradually built a solid reputation in the industry. When his son, Alan Greenberg, joined the company in 1961, the operations of the company, which were basically East Coast-related, gradually expanded to the Mid-West and, ultimately, California.

Despite the untimely death of Joe Greenberg in 1967, the company continued to flourish and grow under Alan's direction. Many large scale packages of equipment were purchased for resale from projects both in the U.S.A. and around the world. Some of the highlights:

  • the purchase from a dam project in Pakistan of the largest fleet of equipment ever assembled in the world (1967)
  • the purchase and disposal of equipment from a countless number of mine closures (1970s)
  • supplying the first used equipment fleet ever sold into China (1983)
  • the purchase and disposal of equipment from a countless number of dam projects (1970s & 1980s)

In 1991, the company expanded its horizons even further when Alan's son, Evan, joined the company with the responsibility to guide the entrance of the company into the field of Pipeline Construction Equipment. In a few short years, the company became a major force in this field and has remained so ever since. We have the largest sideboom rental fleet in the world, and we are the second largest manufacturer of pipeline specialty equipment in the world. We can count among the customers who have rented and purchased pipeline equipment from us most of the major pipeline contractors in the U.S.A. and around the world.

In 1996, Alan's other son, Adam, joined the company and rapidly proved himself to be a very able manager. His major responsibilities are sales, purchasing, and general administration. This was followed by the ascendancy of David Sinclair from CFO of the company to the office of President.

With an inventory of machinery for sale, Worldwide's management saw another opportunity to offer added value to our customers. In 1997, we launched Worldwide Rental Services to rent construction equipment to contractors in the Rocky Mountain region by establishing a major presence in Denver. Headed by Mike Rooney, Worldwide Rental Services now maintains additional facilities in Albuquerque, Salt Lake City, Grand Junction and St. George and has expanded the Denver complex to include a large heavy-equipment repair shop and several mobile service trucks.

As the demand in the international marketplace for heavy construction equipment has grown, so has Worldwide's ability to meet the demand. Alan's sons have been entrusted with the legacy that has made Worldwide a company that has been in the heavy equipment business continuously under the same ownership for more than 60 years; this is longer than any other. This third generation carries on our founder's philosophy while embracing modern technology to take it further faster. Working together, Evan and Adam have implemented a state-of-the-art computer system that is accessible around the clock and from anyplace in the world to link customers and company representatives to each other and sharing real-time data about equipment and transactions.

Adapting to the changes in the way the world does business while remaining dedicated to Joseph Greenberg's philosophy, the Worldwide Companies apply every resource every day to ensuring our customers' satisfaction.

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2006 Caterpillar 320CL Excavators
S/N PAB06019
US $59,500
Cab, A/C, R Boom, 9'7" Stick, 32" TBG Pads, Aux Hydraulics, Bucket