Worldwide Industrial Parts & Supply (WIPS) was created in 2007 when one of our pipeline contractors asked us to assist by supplying tools, supplies and consumables for a project. Now, in addition to heavy and pipeline equipment, our pipeline contractors and customers can get all of their project parts, supplies and consumables directly from us. We think of it as one-stop shopping at its best.

With an extensive and growing network of partners, providers and manufacturers, WIPS is able to access, manufacture and distribute the equipment, parts and supplies that our contractors and customers need. Through WIPS and our other divisions, we now provide a diverse and complete range of pipeline specialty equipment, parts (new, used and replacement) and supplies to round out and complement our heavy equipment divisions.

At WIPS, our mission is to deliver the highest quality heavy equipment, oilfield and pipeline specialty parts, consumables and supplies in the most cost effective and efficient manner. If you need it, we have it, manufacture it, or can get it!